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Monday, May 6, 2013

A huge update this time!

I'm still keeping this blog alive, even though I'm not even sure if I still receive visitors. Maybe I'll use this as an archive or something like that for now.

Anyways, my O2Jam charts page has been updated once again. The Sampling Paradise, Super Meat Boy Rock Medley (the one that starts with SMB), Far east nightbird, 405nm, and Thor's Hammer were added to the list, from o2ma3073 to o2ma3076 + o2ma3387 respectively. Melody in o2ma3072 has also been updated as well, so be sure to redownload that one to fix the sounds.

I've also added a new page where I post about my opinions of anime I've watched recently. Feel free to check it out!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yep, I'm back

This post was made to prove that I'm still trying to keep this blog alive somewhat. I'm taking a short break from osu! and I'm into Minecraft for the moment. However, I will still make charts for O2Jam in-between.

Speaking of which, I've updated my list with two new charts: L9 (o2ma3071) and Melody (o2ma3072). You can watch them in the respective videos I've uploaded in YouTube or just grab the charts from the list. That's all for now. Enjoy and have a nice day. :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

I didn't forget about my blog

The title. I just have nothing much to post anything lately. It was because most of the time I've been playing a lot on Steam. Hopefully soon, I would take some of that time for development elsewhere. With my purchase on RPG Maker VX Ace, I might make a decent and serious RPG in the near future. I will make a new page for that later.

In addition, I did mention a while back in YouTube that [b]some of my videos will be deleted next year[/b], which includes some old gameplay footage which hardly anyone bothers, other meaningless videos, and that teaser trailer I posted a while back (dunno why, but it felt out of place to me). If you do like my old videos, post a comment here or in my videos and I may not delete them.

Well I think that would be all to say for now. Have a nice day and Merry Christmas to all. :)